1. Why should I use the services of a professional accountant.
    • To have more quality time for your family & friends.
    • The professional accountant has done the training and can get to the point of query quicker.
    • Reduce the margin of error from wrong interpretations.
    • More time to develop your business.
    • Accounting software packages do not make the person into an instant accountant.
    • An accountant is informed on current practices & changes.
  2. What to do if you are thinking of changing your accountant.
    • Reflect that you have just grounds to do so.
    • Contact this firm or the Institute of Public Accountants for the name of firms in your area.
    • Evaluate whether the new accountant is a person you are happy to work with.
    • Contact the new accountant as early as possible, for taxation, consult before 31st October if possible.
    • Supply your new accountant with a copy of your last tax return with all schedule and financial reports where applicable.